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I met Lisa Gray back in 2009 when I was combating the pain from a calcified tendon in my shoulder. I had worked with a number of massage therapists and was desperately in search of someone more skilled and goal oriented—maybe even a little less 'fluffy'? During my first meeting with Lisa I was impressed with her repertoire of experience. It was very clear that she was unique from anyone I had worked with in the past. My first appointment with her brought much-needed relief.

Although my injury had progressed far beyond the point of relieving it through a non-invasive approach, Lisa was able to reduce my pain while waiting for my surgery date, prep the tissue to facilitate a more positive surgical outcome, and fast-track my recovery afterwards. Priceless!

Nine years later I continue to see Lisa on a regular basis. As an avid hiker, personal trainer, yoga teacher and group fitness coach I tend to play rough. Lisa's bodywork is an integral part of my weekly routine facilitating structural balance as well as my lifeline for those times when my scapula got stuck in the wrong place, something in my foot was out of whack, my jaw was really uncomfortable and crooked... I could go on and on.

As a wellness professional, I refer my own clients, as well as my family, to Lisa at Body Oasis for just about any structural ache and pain under the sun with no hesitation. Professional, friendly, and highly skilled in an eclectic and complimentary set of modalities, Lisa Gray puts her heart and soul into the work she does and it is evident in every session she conducts.
~~ Jenn H.

"I highly recommend Lisa Gray at Body Oasis. Lisa's knowledge and practice of structural integration have proven to be of great benefit to me as I suffer from migraine, frozen shoulder, and other injuries over the past five years. I keep returning to her for the relief I receive as her skillful hands work out knots and misalignments. I value the relationship we have developed, and I truly anticipate any appointment as a treat for myself!"
~~ Janet J.