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How do I work?

Using the information I have learned over the years, listening to my clients, and observing; all form the basic information for my work. I then listen to my client's body using my hands to find areas needing attention. I work with my clients, not on them.

Depending on the issues, we may work in a more traditional massage format with my client under a sheet. Other times, people stay dressed in something comfortable like shorts and a T-shirt, or yoga clothes, and we work both on and off the table. This allows people to experience the changes and report any new issues.

Some clients like ideas for their own care and we talk about things they can try to do or things to avoid. I'm getting better at this because I have learned that clients have many of their own answers! Being a partner in their progress is extremely rewarding.

Why do I do so much Continuing Education?

The body and its ability to adapt, heal itself, and get our attention fascinates me. The more I understand, the more tools I develop, and the more options I have to help my clients.

Who comes to see me?

I get people who have trouble moving the way they'd like due to pain or limited motion. Often people find me after trying other modalities and practioners, or who are frustrated with the standard medical approach.

Those are the short answers.

Bodies are complex. An injury may be simple or it may be the last thing in a long line of things. Our organs, emotions, nutrition, activity, sleep, are all factors.

While it can be easy to give someone quick relief from aches or pain, creating more adaptability in their body leads to more long-lasting results.

And while I can talk about this for a long time, I don’t have all the answers. My clients teach me things every day.